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Generational Indigenous History

Bruce & Deanna Starlight have been married since 1969 and had 7 children and many more adopted and extended family. Both have endured the challenges of the primative social order of Canada throughout their youth. However, they benefited from an astute and traditional family base that has defined resiliancy and perseverance.  

Bruce is the son of Late Chief Jim Starlight and Deanna is the daughter of Chief Leo Pretty Young Man. Deanna attended Crowfoot Residential School on Siksika Nation while Bruce attended Sarcee Day School on Tsuut'ina Nation. Dispite the hardships they had to endure, they were determined to ensure their Blackfoot and Dene culture traditions and history are carried onto the generations. They also strongly believe that education and understanding of Indigenous People is most important step towards reconciliation. 

Bruce co-founded Broken Knife Dance Troupe with Elder Harley Crowchild and Eaglestar Tours with Hal Eagletail. They then decided to start a family business Spotted Elk Camps. Tragically, in 2009 their beloved daughter Lisa Starlight suddenly passed. In 2014 the family decided to enhance the company and dedicate a facillity to Lisa. Because her traditional name was "Brown Bear Woman", they renamed it Brown Bear Woman Events and held its grand opening in 2016. 

The companies they owned and co-founded, gave them and all their family the opportunity to travel the world sharing their culture. More importantly, to give a positive impact to the views of others around the world of their beautiful culture. They are very proud to invite you to their humble development. 

Bruce & Deanna Starlight
Lisa Starlight (Brown Bear Woman)
Chief Leo & Alma Pretty Young Man
Chief Jim & Mary Jane Starlight
Lonetta, Lisa, Cora & Carmel Starlight
James, Bruce Jr & Ellery Starlight
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